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What is Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)?

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a method designed for future students with considerable work and life experience and knowledge that might be equivalent to college courses. It enables students to identify learning gained in various situations and workplaces. For PLAR to be applicable, the learning must be up-to-date, relevant to the course in question, and comprehensive enough to demonstrate college-level understanding.

PLAR is a procedure that empowers individuals to pinpoint, document, evaluate, and receive recognition for their prior learning experiences. This learning can be formal, informal, or experiential in nature. Examples of situations where learning can be acquired include on-the-job training, non-credit courses or independent study, and military service.

Fast-Track Your Study at Red Cliff College with Credit Transfer

Advantages of Credit Transfer

  • Expedite your educational journey by transferring credits from your previous college or university or from your work experiences
  • Secure up to $3,500 with our Credit Transfer Scholarships

Get Recognized for Your Experience through PLAR

Discover PLAR Opportunities

  • Leverage your significant work and life experience to earn credits toward college courses.
  • Ensure your learning is current, relevant, and demonstrates college-level proficiency.

Sources of Learning for PLAR

Examples of Learning Acquisition

  • On-the-job training
  • Non-credit courses and independent study
  • Military service

PLAR Eligibility Criteria You may qualify if

  • You possess several years of experience in the field related to the course content.
  • You have completed a similar course or workshop that is non-transferable from another institution.
  • You achieve a high score on the self-assessment in the course’s Resource Guide.

PLAR Assessment Methods

Various techniques can be employed to assess your prior learning, such as examinations, interviews, project completion, or demonstrations. These methods aim to evaluate your skills, knowledge, and capabilities effectively.

Embrace the opportunity to fast-track your education at Red Cliff College with our Credit Transfer and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) options. Make the most of your prior education and experiences to reach your academic goals swiftly and efficiently.

Steps for Credit Transfer and PLAR at Red Cliff College

Follow these steps to apply for Credit Transfer and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) at Red Cliff College

1. Gather Required Documentation

For Credit Transfer

  1. Obtain official transcripts from previous institutions
  2. Collect course outlines or syllabi for courses you want to transfer
  1. Assemble relevant evidence of learning, such as certificates, letters of reference, or work samples
  2. Prepare a detailed resume highlighting experiences related to the course you wish to PLAR

2. Complete the Application Process

  1. Fill out the Credit Transfer or PLAR application form, available on the college website or at the Registrar’s Office
  2. Attach the required documentation to your application

3. Submit the Application

  1. Submit the completed application form and documentation to the Registrar’s Office or as directed on the college website
  2. Ensure timely submission, preferably before the start of the term

4. Application Review

  1. The Academic Team will review your Credit Transfer or PLAR application
  2. They will assess the relevance and equivalency of your prior learning or experiences
  3. For PLAR, you may be asked to participate in additional assessments, such as Challenge for Credit

5. Receive Notification

  1. You will receive a notification about the decision via your given email address
  2. If your application is approved, the college will update your academic record accordingly
  3. If your application is denied, you may consult with an academic advisor to discuss alternative options

6. Adjust Your Academic Plan

  1. If credits are successfully transferred or PLAR is granted, update your academic plan in consultation with an academic advisor
  2. Be mindful of potential changes to your enrollment status (full-time or part-time) and the impact on financial aid or international student status

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